UTeach Impact

Two male students work with batteries

Our numbers tell the story.

"The difference between graduates from UTeach replication sites and non-UTeach teachers in the effectiveness with which they teach high school mathematics and science courses is similar to the difference between novice teachers and teachers with 10+ years of experience."

Can UTeach? Assessing the relative effectiveness of STEM teachers, Economics of Education Review, 2018

UTeach Expansion

UTeach National Expansion (PDF 1.2MB)

Read more about the growing number of UTeach programs and graduates.

UTeach Texas Program Expansion (PDF 300KB)

Read more about our expansion of UTeach programs throughout Texas.

UTeach Maps

Map of Universities Implementing UTeach (PDF 300KB)

UTeach programs have more than 8,300 graduates nationwide. See which universities have implemented (or are in the process of implementing) UTeach.

Map of UTeach alumni working in K–12 education (PDF 1.6MB)

We have a vast network of UTeach alumni working in K-12 education in the United States. Download the Spring 2022 map or have a look at the interactive map.

Preparing STEM Teachers: The UTeach Replication Model

Preparing STEM Teachers documents how UTeach programs have implemented the UTeach model in their local context, including discussion of sustainability, program assessment, innovative instructional programming, classroom research, and effectiveness research.