UTeach Impact

UTeach Impact

A strong STEM-capable workforce is critical to U.S. innovation and economic prosperity, but we are falling behind in production of STEM professionals. We need at least 1 million more STEM professionals over the next decade—34% more than we are currently producing. Additionally, women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in the pool of STEM graduates.

UTeach has the solution. UTeach prepares teachers with deep content knowledge and inquiry-based pedagogical strategies. UTeach programs produce teachers at a lower cost than other leading programs, and our graduates stay in teaching longer, improve student performance in math and science, and influence students to enter STEM fields.


UTeach programs prepare STEM teachers for less

UTeach graduates stay in schools longer.

Since UTeach graduates stay in teaching longer, the average cost per year of teaching is much lower.


UTeach graduates increase student learning

UTeach graduates increase student learning

Learn more about these two research studies.

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"You engaged us and made us actually look at how things worked and why they worked, not only in problems, but also in practical applications. You really changed my love of science into an understanding of what I want to do for a living."

—Student of a UTeach teacher from The University of Texas at Austin


UTeach provides a high return on investment

UTeach graduates inspire their students and influence them to go into STEM fields.

Median STEM vs. non-STEM annual earnings in Texas

"Her love of science helped me discover my own and influenced my decision to go for a science major in college."

—Student of a UTeach teacher from The University of Texas at Austin

Cumulative lifetime earnings

Minimum ROI to the state of Texas

UTeach is scalable

Since 2006, UTeach has expanded to 45 universities in 21 states and the District of Columbia. Across the nation, 6,938 students are enrolled in UTeach programs.

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"Their mission is not just math and science. It’s math and science for everyone."

—Jill Marshall, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The University of Texas at Austin


In a period when national teacher production declined by 20%, STEM teacher production at UTeach universities climbed by 40%

"Bringing the UTeach program to UAB has transformed STEM teacher preparation in an amazing way! Enrollment has soared, and excitement about UABTeach has spread across the campus."

—Lee Meadows, UABTeach Co-Director, University of Alabama, Birmingham