Who We Are

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Who We Are

We're the UTeach Institute. We prepare teachers. They change the world.

We are a national network of colleges and universities working together to improve STEM teaching and learning in the U.S. 



The very best teachers are prepared by U.S. colleges and universities, home to the world’s top scientific minds and education researchers. The UTeach Institute partners with them to better recruit and prepare the nation’s best STEM teachers.

"Her love of science helped me discover my own and influenced my decision to go for a science major in college.”

— Student of a UTeach graduate from The University of Texas at Austin 

What makes us different

We have more than a decade of experience supporting the successful implementation of UTeach programs across a variety of university settings. Our proven model is research-based and employs an improvement approach designed to take advantage of our network of faculty expertise.

The UTeach network crosses the entire nation, with UTeach teacher preparation programs in 55 universities in 23 states and the District of Columbia and thousands of UTeach alumni working at school, district, and state levels to improve secondary STEM education.

In collaboration with the UTeach STEM Educators Association (USEA), we support UTeach teacher preparation programs with comprehensive resources and technical assistance to universities implementing the program.

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