UTeach Institute Strategic Plan

Student and instructor in lab
Identity Statement
Our work is animated by the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of society.

We advance our mission to increase the number, diversity, and academic achievement of U.S. students interested in and pursuing STEM disciplines and careers

and lead a national community actively working to increase the quality of and access to STEM education 

by preparing STEM teachers who stay in teaching and effectively engage diverse groups of students in meaningful learning of STEM disciplines 

through building university-based teacher development programs that are based on the proven UTeach program model, that prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equitable educational opportunity and attainment, and that value the role that public schools play in preserving and shaping our democracy.  

We leverage and emphasize our competitive advantage of powerful and unparalleled experiences in effectively scaling programs through networked improvement communities designed to prepare and contribute to the development of passionate, connected, effective STEM teachers who stay in the profession.