UTeach Institute Strategic Plan

Students doing classroom activity

Strategic Goals and Objectives

1. Expand the UTeach program

Increase the number of highly qualified secondary STEM teachers from all backgrounds and experiences produced by colleges and universities and retained in teaching through the expansion of UTeach. 

2. Continuously improve the UTeach program model

Develop and maintain high-quality UTeach operational and instructional support materials.

3. Expand and support the UTeach networked improvement community

Develop and support networked communities that engage established UTeach programs, their graduates, and USEA affiliates in continuous improvement of and advocacy for UTeach and improved STEM education outcomes.

4. Expand and support UTeach K–12 services and support

Expand and support UTeach Computer Science and UTeach Professional Development. 

5. Strengthen organizational effectiveness

Establish a high-functioning, creative, collaborative, and enjoyable workplace culture that promotes widespread belonging for all staff.

Develop capacity to successfully address significant educational problems/challenges/issues