Call for Proposals

2023 UTeach STEM Educators Conference Call for Proposals

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Proposal deadline: March 10, 2023

This year, we’re marking UTeach’s 25th anniversary and the 15th anniversary of the national UTeach network, which began with the launch of the first 13 UTeach expansion programs. It’s a perfect time to gather, share our knowledge and experience, and celebrate!

We invite submissions from UTeach program faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as from other higher education and K–12 stakeholders working in STEM education. 

We seek sessions designed to elicit discussion and reflection, engage participants in activities, and model effective practices and strategies.

Day 1: Equity and Racial Justice in STEM Teacher Development Pre-Conference

We are focusing the opening half-day of the conference on Equity and Racial Justice in STEM Teacher Development. Day 1 has its own set of ERJ-focused strands. Sessions are one hour long.

Strand 1: Equity and Racial Justice Defined Within UTeach

Sessions designed to explore what equity/racial justice in the UTeach network is and how it impacts teacher development and K–12 STEM education. Sessions should allow participants to reflect on their own practices and support professionals in developing a vision for reshaping their practices to support equity/racial justice in their various contexts. Examples: impact of equity on STEM teaching, equity/racial justice in practice, defining systemic equity/racial justice, research

Strand 2: Finding the “You” in Equity and Justice

Sessions designed to inform, model, and provide resources for educator professionals (preservice, K–12, and higher education) developing or continuing their equity and racial justice journey. Examples: building self-awareness, bias, defining equity, inclusion, advocacy, empowering the personal narrative, research

Strand 3: Applying Equity Across the UTeach Network: Best Practices

Sessions focused on promoting equitable practices in educational settings. Proposals should focus on how equity is applied in these contexts to benefit students and/or educators, including strengthening the UTeach curriculum and connections between UTeach courses. Examples: work-life balance, connecting with the community, research

Strand 4: Identifying and Overcoming Challenges

Sessions focused on identifying the challenges with equity, diversity, inclusion, and racial justice experienced in K–12 and higher education classrooms or environments and how they can be overcome. Examples: recruitment, retention, research

Submit your proposal here.

Proposal deadline: March 10, 2023

Days 2 and 3: Making History. Moving Forward.

Days 2 and 3 of the conference will feature strands for strengthening instruction, community, and UTeach programs. Sessions are one hour long.

Strand 1: Strengthening Instruction

Sessions related to curriculum and instruction at K–12 and higher education levels. Examples: culturally relevant pedagogy, online learning and inquiry, technology in education, addressing standards, building online or hybrid courses, technology use, lesson or tool demos

Strand 2: Out-of-Class Support for Everyone

Sessions about supporting UTeach faculty and staff, UTeach students, and K–12 teachers and students in ways that are not explicitly academic. Examples: Social and emotional learning, addressing teacher and student burnout, addressing trauma (e.g., huge life changes during the pandemic, grief), building community

Strand 3: Adapting and Strengthening the UTeach Program and Curriculum

Sessions focused on overview of the program model, program operations, program curriculum, and national efforts. Examples: design and implementation of UTeach programs, program operations, strengthening UTeach curriculum, forming and supporting a UTeach steering committee, UTeach staffing, tenure/promotion, recruitment, student support

Strand 4: UTeach Preservice Teacher Topics

Practical sessions for preservice teachers in UTeach programs. Examples: navigating courses and fieldwork, résumé and interview tips, classroom management, teaching online, special populations in the classroom

Strand 5: Research

Research about K–12 STEM education, higher ed STEM education, and university-based teacher preparation. Note: If two research sessions are on similar topics, we may request that presenters split one session to share their work for 25 minutes each.


Posters presenting research or addressing topics related to any of the pre-conference or conference strands. UTeach students, K–12 teachers and educators, and higher education faculty and staff are all welcome to submit poster proposals.

  • Strand 1: Research: Posters focused on a research project conducted for a UTeach course.
  • Strand 2: Course Exposition: Posters focused on an essential idea of a UTeach course. Examples: lesson plans or units, class projects, explorations of course concepts
  • Strand 3: Program Exposition: Posters focused on an essential element of the UTeach program. Examples: student organizations, internships, portfolios, student-led recruitment, peer advising, community space

Submit your proposal here.

Proposal deadline: March 10, 2023

Download a PDF of the information on this page.

    Proposal Requirements

    Please have this information ready before you begin your proposal.

    If you are proposing a session

    • Name, contact information, title, and organization for each presenter (up to 6)
    • Session title
    • Session strand
    • Type of session (interactive presentation, roundtable discussion, or hands-on demonstration)
    • Session purpose, outline, and description
    • Primary audience (higher ed, K–12, or preservice teachers)

    If you are proposing a poster

    Posters submitted by students are eligible for the student poster competition. Find poster competition criteria and other poster information here.

    • Name, contact information, title, and organization for each presenter (up to 2)
    • Poster strand
    • Poster title and description

    Submit your proposal here.

    Proposal deadline: March 10, 2023

    Download a PDF of the information on this page.