2020 UTeach STEM Educators Virtual Summit

2020 UTeach STEM Educators Virtual Summit

Rather than meet in person at our annual conference, we met virtually and shifted our focus to how UTeach has and will adapt to address the challenges associated with increasingly complex learning environments and persistent inequities.

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We'd like to thank everyone who attended sessions during our virtual summit June 30 and July 1, 2020. Your dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion is inspiring. Your determination to provide the best possible learning and support for K-12 students and UTeach students preparing to become teachers—especially during this time of uncertainty—is extraordinary. Your creativity in approaching these challenges and sharing ideas is energizing.

Thank you for being part of the national STEM education community and for allowing the UTeach Institute to provide a venue for sharing your ideas and collaborating to improve STEM education for all. 

See all the great sessions from 2020 below!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

10:00–11:30am | Welcome and Opening Plenary with Keynote Speaker David Laude

The Student-Centered Classroom

Professor Laude describes his 30-year journey as a chemistry professor at UT Austin from being teacher-centered to student-centered, with the success of every student he teaches now his priority. Considered more broadly, he describes the University’s student success initiative that led to remarkable improvements in graduation rates. Of more topical concern, Professor Laude will also address what he has learned about maintaining a student-centered approach to instruction during the pandemic.

12:00–1:15pm | Sessions

UTeach Graduate Panel: Lessons Learned

Hear directly from a panel of seasoned UTeach alumni about their experiences with remote teaching and learning. The panel will delve into topics including assessment, student support, and what inquiry-based learning looks like online.

UTeach Student Recruitment in the Era of COVID 19

Discuss strategies for addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in recruiting students into UTeach programs.

Addressing Issues of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Remote Learning

Discuss successful remote teaching strategies to ensure equitable and inclusive instruction in both K-12 and university contexts.

2:15–3:30pm | Sessions

Strategies for Nurturing UTeach Community: Taking Care of One Another

Consider and discuss the novel ways we are all working to support and further build community in UTeach programs while we are at a distance.

Developing Instructional Leadership Through the Knowles Teacher Initiative

UTeach teachers who are also Knowles Fellows will share their experiences and inform attendees of the opportunities available to develop leadership skills through the prestigious Knowles Teacher Fellowship

2:15–3:45pm | Session

Supporting K-12 Students in a Remote Learning Context

Participate in a collaborative discussion with UTeach alumni about the ins and outs of supporting K-12 students in a remote learning context. Attendees will collaborate on a working document to gather best practices, thoughts, and ideas as we plan for the fall.

2:15–4:15pm | Special Retreats

Co-Director Retreat

Join other UTeach program co-directors for networking and collaboration. This session is restricted to UTeach co-directors.

Master Teacher Retreat

Join other UTeach Master Teachers for networking and collaboration. This session is restricted to UTeach Master Teachers.

4:30–6:00pm | Here's To You: Toasts of UTeach

Grab your favorite beverage and join your colleagues for networking and toasting this year's USEA award winners.

5:30–6:00pm | CS and PD Information Sessions

Find out more about UTeach Computer Science and UTeach Professional Development!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

10:30–11:45am | Sessions

Adapting UTeach Curriculum for the Times

Join instructors to discuss the various ways individual UTeach courses are being adapted for remote and blended instructional environments. There will be individual sessions held for each UTeach course.

Teaching Inquiry Remotely

Inquiry. Manipulatives. Hands-on. Student-Centered. When it comes to online learning, it’s hard to imagine how to incorporate these high-engagement techniques into your lessons. Join us for a discussion on how to make your online lessons into inquiry-based lessons.

12:45–2:00pm | Sessions

Addressing the Social and Emotional Needs of Students During Remote Learning Instruction

Discuss challenges and solutions for supporting the social and emotional needs of K-12 students during remote instruction. We’ll also delve into what it might be like to kick off a school year virtually and strategize about building a classroom community and establishing trust in that environment.

Diversifying the STEM Teacher Workforce

Join a panel discussion addressing the challenges and opportunities related to creating a diverse STEM teacher workforce. Learn more about the HBCUTeach initiative and participate in the conversation about what UTeach programs can do to diversify their programs.

2:30–4:00pm | Closing Panel: Fall 2020: Starting Strong

We did it! We pivoted to remote instruction and virtual teacher preparation this spring and learned a lot along the way. As a professional learning community, what will we carry forward into the fall semester? Hear from a diverse panel about the plans to further strengthen UTeach instruction and support for students and alumni.

 Working on how to care for each other during this pandemic

 You can't pour from an empty cup

 Uncover the ways educational systems oppress children and address how to dismantle those sources of oppression

 Laude session discussion of student-centered-teaching-was-fantastic

 STEM teaching is a STEM career

 You can't be what you can't see.

 HBCUs are 3% of all higher ed students and 24% of Black STEM grads

 Disrupt the system. Learning over grades.

 Listen to what our students are telling us.

 Show your students that it's not just a screen, it's an actual person who cares about them.

 Teachers discussing how to make this fall as meaningful, appropriate, and equitable as possible