UTeach Initiatives

The UTeach Institute is an initiative of UTeach at The University of Texas at Austin. UTeach supports a number of other STEM education initiatives.

National Initiatives

Nationally, UTeach supports efforts to implement UTeach programs at other universities, provide professional development for teachers already in the classroom, and grow a network of teacher preparation and K–12 educators working to build and inspire STEM education leaders.

  • The UTeach Institute supports expansion of UTeach to universities across the U.S. and leads efforts toward continuous improvement of the UTeach model.
  • The UTeach STEM Educators Association (USEA) is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the connections between UTeach partner programs across the country and to supporting UTeach alumni in long-term careers as successful STEM teachers.
  • UTeach Professional Development provides online and in-person training that enhances content knowledge, promotes inquiry-based learning, and develops leadership capacity.
  • UTeach Computer Science supports high-quality secondary CS education by providing project-based AP computer science curriculum, engaging professional development, ongoing teacher support, and micro-credentials.

Austin Initiatives

The University of Texas at Austin offers the original UTeach STEM teacher preparation program and a number of other STEM initiatives.

  • UTeach Austin If you are an undergraduate who wants to teach, or a degree holder who wants to return for certification, UTeach Austin may be right for you.
  • UTeach Maker is an endorsement program that supports teachers in developing the tools and skills needed to bring innovative, project-based, constructionist, maker learning to school spaces.
  • UTeach Outreach is a service learning class for UT students. It inspires students to take an active interest in science and supports parents and teachers in becoming more scientific educators.
  • UTeach Primary adopts the challenge of preparing future elementary teachers to teach science with Hands-On-Science, a four-course integrated science sequence featuring inquiry-based instruction.

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