UTeach Elements of Success

Critical UTeach Components

Successful implementation of the UTeach model requires significant institutional change. The UTeach Elements of Success, briefly summarized below, describes unique and critical components of the program that also form the basis for the UTeach Institute’s evaluation activities. For more detail, download the complete Elements of Success document [pdf].

Distinctive Program Identity

UTeach has an established identity as a prestigious secondary STEM teacher preparation program that attracts high caliber students, experienced and successful master teachers, and tenure-track faculty who are interested in the reform of STEM education.

Cross-College and School District Collaboration

UTeach is a formally coordinated effort of the equivalents of the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts, and the college(s) responsible for offering STEM degrees.

Long-Term Institutional and Community Support

UTeach is a long-term institutional and community priority that is sustained through ongoing financial support from university and college administrators, as well as a broader range of stakeholders concerned with STEM education reform. UTeach is afforded a level of stability similar to other university departments and is not simply an outreach effort.

Compact and Flexible Degree Plans

UTeach offers four-year degree plans that fully integrate students’ STEM content major requirements and UTeach program requirements and allow students to obtain secondary STEM teaching certification while earning degrees in physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, or mathematics.

Active Student Recruitment and Support

UTeach actively recruits to attract the greatest possible number of STEM majors and provides significant resources and encouragement to maximize program and career retention.

Dedicated Master Teachers

UTeach master teachers—non-tenured clinical faculty with exemplary secondary teaching experience—are exclusively dedicated to teaching, student support, and program success.

Rigorous, Research-Based Instruction

UTeach courses are designed to develop deep understanding of content of particular importance to future secondary STEM teachers and build strong connections between mathematics and science and between educational theory and practice.

Early and Intensive Field Experiences

In order to promote confidence and accelerate professional development, UTeach students begin a carefully scaffolded sequence of intensive teaching opportunities in their first semester of the program and continue these field experiences throughout.

Continuous Program Improvement

UTeach systematically collects and analyzes both student- and program-level data to make informed decisions about program development and improvement.