Research and Impact

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Research and Impact
Our graduates stay in teaching longer, improve student performance in math and science, and influence students to enter STEM fields.

UTeach programs produce passionate, well-prepared teachers who stay in teaching longer and improve student performance in math and science.

49 universities | 6,870 graduates | Exponential Impact

We prepare teachers who stay. UTeach graduates stay in education for up to three times longer than teachers from other leading programs. They dedicate their lives to making math and science exciting for students.

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By 2026, UTeach graduates are expected to teach 9 million secondary students nationwide.

68% of UTeach graduates teach in K-12 schools with a majority economically disadvantaged populations

Beyond our measurable success, UTeach directly affects the lives of teachers and students, the trajectory of their careers, and the realization of their hopes.

“You engaged us and made us actually look at how things worked and why they worked — not only in problems, but also in practical applications. You really changed my love of science into an understanding of what I want to do for a living.”

 — Student of a UTeach teacher from The University of Texas at Austin


UTeach Impact Data

UTeach programs produce teachers at a lower cost than other leading programs, and our graduates stay in teaching longer and improve student performance in math and science.

Research About UTeach

Researchers are producing an increasing number of peer-reviewed articles about UTeach’s effectiveness.

Research About STEM Education

UTeach’s higher education faculty across the nation are deeply engaged in STEM education research.