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The UTeach Institute partners with universities in a variety of capacities to help them strengthen their preparation of STEM teachers. We offer a range of services, from short-term consulting to full UTeach program implementation support.

UTeach Affiliate Program Consulting

We work with universities to secure federal grant funds for UTeach program consulting.

We offer universities the opportunity to consult with UTeach experts and gain access to valuable UTeach resources. Affiliates join the UTeach network and receive full access to resources, short-term consulting, and professional development, as well as invitations to regular convenings.

Learn about the UTeach program and approach and adopt the elements that will improve recruitment and preparation of STEM teachers at your university.

Email us for more information about the UTeach Affiliate Program.

Program Planning and Proposal Development

We also work with universities on planning and proposal development designed to lead to full  UTeach program implementation.

We accept applications for full UTeach implementation on an annual basis for universities ready to implement the UTeach program.

We work with universities to secure federal grant funds for UTeach implementation.

We work with funders to directly award UTeach implementation grants.

Full UTeach Program Implementation Support

We offer a well-developed and structured approach to assisting universities with implementing the full UTeach STEM teacher preparation program in as little as three years.

The three years of support includes a comprehensive planning period with assistance from Institute staff to ensure that key operational aspects of the program are in place before students enroll in the first course. This is followed by two years of full program implementation leading to the first program graduates.

Email us for more information about full UTeach program implementation.