UTeach and NYC

High school student group working with computers
UTeach and NYC
A Design Research Partnership to Expand and Improve High School Computer Science Education for Underrepresented Urban Youth

UTeach Computer Science is committed to improving and expanding computer science education in secondary schools through access to high-quality, project-based curriculum and curriculum-connected professional learning.

UTeach Computer Science welcomes collaborators interested in leveraging 1) research-based, highly engaging curricula for Computer Science Principles (CSP) and Computer Science A (CSA) Advanced Placement courses that are specifically designed with equity in mind, and 2) unparalleled teacher professional development and implementation support, including effective ongoing professional learning and mentorship from experienced teachers.

This project establishes a research–practice partnership (RPP) across New York City public schools to examine the degree to which co-design of curriculum, instructional practices, and teacher supports can build organizational capacity to support the implementation of equitable computer science teaching and learning. Our RPP team of New York City DOE CSforAll staff and classroom teachers is collaborating with University of Texas at Austin researchers, curriculum developers, and professional learning and support specialists to identify effective project-based instructional and non-cognitive approaches, and accompanying teacher supports and student and teacher materials, that improve Black and Latino/a student participation, learning, and engagement in computer science.

Project Objectives

  1. development of a robust research practice partnership (RPP),
  2. preparation and support for teachers to effectively deliver CS curriculum, and
  3. iterative, collaborative revision and adaptation of UTeach AP CS Principles curriculum to improve engagement and achievement of underrepresented students.

New York City teachers are eligible to participate through the CSNYC CSforAll initiative. Please direct inquiries about teacher participation and support to info@uteachcs.org.


NSF logoThis material is based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1837687. 

An NSF CSforAll Project: Award 1837687

Principal Investigator:

Kimberly Hughes

Director, UTeach Institute

The University of Texas at Austin